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Benefits of a Physician Run Network of Experts

A Medical Expert Network (AMEN) is the only physician run network of experts that delivers professional medical advice with your first call. You will save time and money with immediate medical insight about the viability and value of your case. We help you make the next right decision. AMEN’s medical experts facilitate positive results by providing advice, opinion, and testimony to clients throughout the United States. We assist plaintiffs, defendants, attorneys, law firms, and insurance providers in cases involving personal injury, accidents, criminal, medical malpractice, immigration, and other matters dealing with medical issues.

Whether you wish to discuss, settle, or litigate a case, working with AMEN will hasten and increase your success. AMEN has experts in
all recognized specialties of medicine and surgery, as well as adjunctive health care fields such as dentistry, chiropractic, psychology, audiology, and speech pathology. Our experts offer straightforward and cost-effective support to defendants and plaintiffs. We assist with medical evaluations, records review, and providing in-depth case analysis. To save your resources we also advise on strengths and weaknesses of cases. Our doctors are skilled with insight into personal injury, liability, disability, and medical malpractice issues. Our experts excel in presenting these issues in court in an easily understood and persuasive manner. To learn more, please visit contact us.

We specialize in mitigating your costs with pre-litigation expert opinion. Our experts also travel all over the United States for litigation and court testimony. To learn more about our services or to discuss your case with us, contact A Medical Expert Network (AMEN) today.